River Rafting

On the Ganges, the main stretch for rafting starts 36 km above Rishikesh. This whole stretch is divided into multiple smaller stretches and a suitable one is on offer for the guests depending on the skill level and prior rafting experience. The amateur as well as the rafting veteran; nobody goes home disappointed. The rapids on this whole stretch range from class 1 to class 4+ with class 6 being termed as “un-navigable”. Rafting in Ganges is as much spiritually satisfying as is it thrilling. You cannot but ask for more when it all ends.

The river flowing through the Shivalik Himalayas at Rishikesh has on offer some picturesque scenery. The popular rafting stretch starts from Marine Drive a few Kilometers downstream from our camp and ends at NIM Beach (Tapovan), a little upstream from Rishikesh. Here you’ll be combining 2 stretches with Shivpuri lying almost at the mid-point. The whole stretch is around 26 kms and can last anywhere between 3.5 to 4 hours depending on the water volume of the day. For the more adventurous lot we could start right at our camp, which would help you hit two big rapids, which have become infamous as the “flippers”. Hardly a few rafts get past these rapids without getting flipped. When the water volume is high you can spend all day just standing beside these rapids and watching the fun as raft after raft topples before moving down. And the experience

Grade 1 : Easy, small waves. No obstacles.
Grade 2 : Moderate difficulty with clear passages.
Grade 3 : Difficult, high irregular waves, narrow passages require precise maneuvering.
Grade 4 : Difficult, powerful waves. Very precise maneuvering required.
Grade 5 : Extremely difficult, violent, highly congested. Water Grade 2/3 in Brahmpuri, Shivpuri Water Grade 2/3 Plus, Marine Drive 3/4 Plus and Kaudiyala 4 P